fam-picPatricia is passionate about keeping family connections alive — whether across the years or across the continents. Even more, she is passionate about inspiring her loved ones and readers to reach their dreams. “If you keep your hope, your dreams can happen,” says Patricia, who chose the rainbow for her books because it is such a vibrant symbol of hope and promise.

And Patricia is especially passionate about nurturing the bonds she has with her two grown children, Jason and Kristine, and her grandchildren, Kelo and Bella.

Jason was adopted as an infant from Colombia, and after college he worked in South Africa for six years. He met and married Mpumi, whose son, Kelo, has cerebral palsy. Jason and Mpumi then had daughter Bella. Patricia’s heart ached when they could only visit twice a year, but now that Jason’s family has moved back, she can share the joys and rewards of watching Kelo and Bella develop and grow firsthand.

Kristine, adopted as an infant from Minnesota, has married as well; her wedding to Ryan offered Patricia and her husband, John, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the intergenerational bonds of a growing family. And Kristine’s adoption of a King Charles Spaniel brought Patricia her first “grandpuppy.”

Patricia and John are Minneapolis natives who met as teenagers when they worked at a movie theater (she was a candy girl; he was an usher), and 39 years of marriage later, they are delighted to be grandparents. Besides traveling or birthday and holiday celebrations, they gather the family on Saturdays for a healthy, home-cooked meal and precious together time. They also enjoy getaways to John’s family lake cabin, where they are excited to pass along summer boating and fishing memories to Bella and Kelo, just as John’s parents did for Jason and Kristine.

Says Patricia: “It’s so important that grandparents have a role in grandchildren’s lives. We are keeping the family connections alive.”