The beauty of celebrating Bella

My little granddaughter, Bella, will be 4 years old soon, and of course we will celebrate — cake, presents, the whole works. Birthdays are a natural occasion to reflect on the gift of life, the indescribable blessings we know as family members and friends. And so it is with my Bella, because while her days on this Earth have been short, this beautiful little soul’s impact on our lives has been mighty.
As a grandmother, I now have the privilege of attending a party without planning it, or whisking Bella off for an outing with the pressures of parenting. As we play and learn, as I teach and hand down traditions, we are weaving our history and our hearts together, she and I.
I think back on the first two years of Bella’s life, when she lived so far away in South Africa and I was heartbroken that I could see her only once or twice a year. I am so grateful now to have her close and to draw her closer. So for me, while Bella’s 4th birthday certainly is cause for great celebration, every day with Bella truly is a special occasion.