With Grandparents Day approaching, grandchildren and their parents are thinking about ways to show appreciation for the important role such grand people play in their lives. And that is as it should be — I know that I am forever grateful for the relationship my children enjoyed with their grandparents.
It is so important to me that I am a significant presence in my grandchildren’s lives, and I am thankful that my two grandchildren now live in the area so we can get together at least once a week for meals and have plenty of time with each other. Three generations of us celebrate birthdays and holidays together and get away to cabin, making memories of boating and fishing excursions.
I love being a grandmother. I mean, I really love being a grandmother. It is such pure joy to hold a small hand while taking a walk, or to look into the earnest, upturned face that is seeking answers to the day’s pressing questions. And after a morning of strengthening bonds during music and make-believe, you can send them home when it looks like it’s time for the heavy lifting of parenthood.
Whether you’re a grandparent or a grandchild, enjoy and treasure each other every day!
“Explain how much I love my grandkids?
That’s like counting all the stars in the universe … impossible!”
– Author unknown