With Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren, I invite you to share something lasting: the cherished family legacy of a grandparent’s wisdom.

This collection was inspired by my daughter, Kristine. Over the years, she received gift books from her grandmother, who had lovingly underlined or highlighted passages that she found meaningful. She passed them on to Kristine, and now those special messages from a grandmother’s heart live on. I loved the idea, and seeing how special those words have been for Kristine, I wanted to pass similar messages down to my grandchildren.

In this volume, I have included observations, words to live by, and plain old common sense from figures ranging from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to Eleanor Roosevelt that have had meaning in my life.

I have also offered my own writings—poems and brief perspectives—that I hope readers will find insightful and influential.

But there’s more.

This book is designed to be interactive. Before you give it, you can customize it in two ways. You can check the box next to any of the heartfelt messages and poems to indicate that the sentiment particularly resonates with you. You can also write personal thoughts or special memories from the heart, and even include favorite photographs, using the blank pages provided at the end of the book.

Giving this keepsake will help communicate your values, beliefs, and wisdom in a unique way. And these personalized pages can be revisited and treasured year after year, for generations to come.

I hope you will let this inspiring collection become part of your family’s legacy.


~ Patricia Overson