Grandparents Are Love

Grandparents are willing to support you on good days, bad days, happy days, or sad days;

they love you just the same.

Grandparents are never too busy to listen patiently to your troubles, secrets, and hopes;

they love to carry some of your burden, if only for a moment.

Grandparents are ready to share their experience and wisdom when you need

encouragement and guidance;

they love to know you are comforted.

Grandparents are always finding just the right words to inspire you;

they love to know they have an impact on your life.


Grandparents are proud of all your accomplishments no matter how big or how small;

they love to share the joy.

Grandparents are there to give big, soft, comforting hugs just when you seem to need one

and even sometimes when you don’t;

they love to hug!

Grandparents are praying for your worries to go away and for your dreams to come true;

they love to know you are happy and successful.

Grandparents are always going to treasure the child you were and the adult you are becoming;

they love every moment spent with you.


~ Patricia Overson