Beloved child, hold on to your rainbow dreams.

Seek them, believe in them, and they will find you.

~ Patricia Overson


My daughter, Kristine, recently got engaged and they’re thinking of a fall 2013 wedding. She’s always known, as early as one can know, that she wants to be married and be a mother. We’ve been talking about this day since she was 5, but there’s been no rush. She’s 28, a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn., and recently she was promoted to senior manager at Apple. This summer, she’ll be in China on business for six weeks. So, the wedding will take shape over the next several months, but some details revealed themselves last weekend at the cabin. While we were cleaning, we found her grandmother Overson’s wedding dress, worn in 1949. The box also contained wedding shoes and two lace hankies. Everything was in great condition, and the 63-year-old shoes (plain satin with little heels) are a perfect fit for Kristine. She’s going to wear them on her wedding day, plus keep one of the hankies with her and give one to her cousin, who is also an Overson granddaughter. This wedding symmetry could hardly be more perfect. Kristine and her grandmother, who died 10 years ago, had the kind of heart-to-heart connection so many of her generation long to have. Her grandmother encouraged her, shared her belief in her and created a written legacy for her. As I’ve written before, she was my inspiration for “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren.”  My second book, “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Children,” also illustrates what I and so many others believe children should know about living  their one life fully and with purpose. It’s wisdom that many people take a lifetime to understand. I think Kristine is an old soul. She understood her grandmother’s gift from the start and she’s been sharing it all along.