‘Find Your Rainbow’ collection introduces
a distinctive way to connect the generations

New books by Twin Cities author can be personalized
with notes and photos before giving them to loved ones

(Plymouth, Minn., June 15, 2012) – It wasn’t so long ago that people stayed connected through letter writing and with phone calls. But in today’s electronic world where everything is fast-paced and fleeting, our emails and texts fly back and forth, as do pictures captured on a mobile phone. Yet with a tap or a click, such insights and images are lost forever.

Decades from now, will there be anything concrete to hold, read, and then pass along?

Today’s young people long for something tangible. What better way to leave a lasting legacy than with a book from author Patricia Overson’s “Find Your Rainbow” collection—“Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren” or “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Children.”

In the colorfully designed books, Overson, of Plymouth, Minn., shares her own poems and brief perspectives, as well as words to live by from figures ranging from Maya Angelou to Eleanor Roosevelt to Albert Einstein. Yet there’s more.

Two ways to customize a book

“These books are designed to be interactive,” Overson said. “Before you give one, you can customize it in two ways. You can check the box next to any of the heartfelt messages and poems to signal that the sentiment particularly resonates with you. You can also write personal thoughts or special memories from the heart using the blank pages at the end of the book.” There are also album pages so you can attach a few favorite photographs, she added.

Twin Cities-based Beaver’s Pond Press released “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren” in May 2012. “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Children” is set for release in July 2012. Both books, and those expected to follow, were inspired by Overson’s desire to help people stay connected through the generations—and by a tradition in her own family.

Messages will live on

Over the years, her daughter had received gift books from a grandmother, who had lovingly underlined or highlighted passages that she found meaningful. Now those special messages from a grandmother’s heart live on. “I loved the idea,” said Overson, who is now a grandmother herself. “Seeing how special those words have been for my daughter, I wanted to pass similar messages down to my loved ones.”

Overson suggests that giving a “Find Your Rainbow” book as a keepsake will help communicate the giver’s values, beliefs and wisdom in a unique and enduring way. “My desire for this collection,” Overson said, “is that it opens the pathway from one generation to the next, presenting opportunities for conversation to strengthen our connecting stories.”

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About the author
A Minnesota native, Patricia Overson has spent years exploring the world, feeding her passion to see and learn about people, places and cultures. Whether she’s photographing a family of lions on safari in South Africa or pondering the majesty of the Grand Canyon, Patricia has gleaned a wealth of knowledge and life experience. She and her husband, John, live in Plymouth, a suburb of Minneapolis. Their son and his family, including Patricia’s first grandchild, live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their daughter lives in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park.