It takes courage to listen to your dreams,

confidence to believe in your dreams,

determination to act on your dreams,

and persistence to achieve your dreams.

~ Patricia Overson

I’ve been waiting for this moment … no, no, striving for this moment. Today I can joyfully announce I’ve finished the next Find Your Rainbow book. “Inspirations for Children,” the second book in my Find Your Rainbow collection, is ready to go to the designer this week and if every detail falls into place, it will be available in July. It is another piece of my dream come true. Many of you know my story and how important I believe it is to tell the children in your life how you feel about them, to encourage them to believe in themselves and follow their own path. Yet we don’t always find a way to do it that will be remembered. Or, we don’t put it in writing so it can be saved and cherished. I learned the importance of doing that from my mother-in-law, Imogene Overson, because she always sent written messages of love and encouragement to each of us. I observed the bond she created with my daughter, Kristine, through her underlined sentiments in a card that emphasized the feelings and message she wanted Kristine to receive. Those messages are greater treasures today now that Imogene has passed away. I aspire to be like her, to create that kind of connection between people. When my granddaughter was born in South Africa in 2010 I had the idea to compile reflections and include my personal messages and poems to ensure Bella would know of my love and guiding light for her even though I wasn’t with her every day. Then it seemed to me others would feel the way I did about wanting to create a lasting legacy with the children in their lives and my idea for a personalized inspirational gift book became a reality.  The grandparent’s book was first, and now, I hope, the children’s book will appeal to any adult – an aunt, a teacher, a mother’s friend ­­– who believes in the value of making a lasting connection with the children in their lives and helping them negotiate their own path.

Beloved child, hold on to your rainbow dreams.

Seek them, believe in them, and they will find you.

~ Patricia Overson