Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren

Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Children





With her distinctive, customizable Find Your Rainbow books, Patricia Overson invites you to create lasting connections with loved ones by sharing meaningful insights and messages.

Each colorfully designed Find Your Rainbow volume offers:

A permanent alternative to today’s fleeting e-mails and texts.

Pages to personalize with check boxes for quote preferences, your own writings,
and photographs, so you can convey thoughts from the heart before giving.

A legacy of your values, beliefs, and wisdom that the recipient can revisit
and treasure for years to come.

Each book in the collection includes well-chosen and influential words to linger over, to ponder, and to keep. You’ll find Patricia’s own writings—poems and brief perspectives—as well as reflections from figures ranging from Maya Angelou to Eleanor Roosevelt to Albert Einstein.

Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren and Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Children are perfect gifts for any milestone occasion.


About the author: Patricia Overson has spent years exploring the world, feeding her passion to see and learn about new people, places, and cultures. Whether she’s photographing a family of lions on a safari in South Africa or pondering the majesty of the Grand Canyon, Patricia has gleaned a wealth of knowledge and life experience.

Now she is taking that passion a step further and is sharing with others some of the things she has learned along the way. Patricia’s hope is that through the passages in her books, she will sow seeds of encouragement in the lives of her readers. Such encouragement, she believes, can blossom into inspiration, hope, and the confidence to turn dreams into realities.