FIND YOUR RAINBOW: Inspirations for Grandchildren



New book “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren” offers lasting legacy

Minneapolis, Minn.—Just published! Patricia Overson’s “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren,” a keepsake collection of poems and quotes, provides a permanent alternative to today’s fleeting e-mails and texts.

What makes this colorfully designed gift book so distinctive?

You can personalize the pages with the provided check boxes and blank pages so that you can communicate your values, beliefs, and wisdom in a unique way before presenting it to a special someone.

With “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren,” you are invited to pass along the lasting legacy of a grandparent’s wisdom. Your loved ones will revisit and treasure this book year after year, for generations to come.

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About the author: Twin Cities author and grandmother Patricia Overson hopes that through the passages in this book, she will sow seeds of encouragement in the lives of her readers. Such encouragement, she believes, can blossom into inspiration, hope, and the confidence to turn dreams into realities.

About the book: “Find Your Rainbow: Inspirations for Grandchildren” (2012) is published by Beaver’s Pond Books, Edina, Minn. ISBN 13: 978-1-59298-470-1. 40 pages, 9×6 hardcover.


Patricia Overson